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The Psyma Impulse Sessions delivers concentrated knowledge in a nutshell by our healthcare experts and offer you a quick insight into our market research methods and our expertise in the healthcare market. Learn more about the current trends, new challenges and segments that have potential.

Get the Psyma Healthcare experts to come into your company: Our Impulse Sessions will give you individual knowledge tailored to your needs. Send us your choice and your preferred date and time.

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Market research in the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare areas have been specialty areas of Psyma for the past 60 years: We have garnered our own science and have continuously refined our own market research methods focusing on wellness, lifestyle and health, to derive insights from every possible bit of information.

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Which OTC test methods are best suited to determine the “optimal” price in different market situations? You will also learn how you can attain an optimal price strategy – and reliable planning parameters for your forecasting.

Which emotional drivers significantly influence your customers’ purchase decisions – which implicit decision-making patterns and emotional triggers even overlap the rational motives? Learn how you can identify starting points so you can associate positive emotions with the brand – and how you can set strategic switches with the help of Psyma Consultation Research.

Why are cognition linguistic aspects of modern neuro-communication research so important in the development of convincing product messages? Learn to recognize the possibilities of a non-apparative neuro-communication research and how you can create really convincing communication. (Framing application options, innovative analysis and communication instruments in the non-sensorial neuro-communication research.)

You want to explore the deep-set motivations, beliefs and attitudes of your customers? Here you will learn about the innovative Psyma method that will quickly and efficiently attain meaningful qualitative insights – combined with the actionability and quick turnaround of an online survey.

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